Demons & Saints


We endeavor to make Demons & Saints one of the best role-playing games on the market. As such, we welcome any ideas, concepts, or storylines that may enhance the world of Demons & Saints.

We are not interested in putting potential future contributors through a lengthy, complex and encumbered submission process. We know how it feels firsthand!

So, what we’ve done is outline a few steps, listed below, that should make the submission process quick and easy. First, please use this e-mail address in all of our correspondences.

If your idea, concept, storyline or work of art interests us, we will contact you (most likely within a week) requesting further information.

We appreciate your cooperation in following through on this process and look forward to viewing your submissions.

Send us only a Query Letter initially. No attachments. In your query letter, tell us your idea or storyline, why you think it would be popular with our gamers, and how it would enhance the Demons & Saints world.

Send us a Query Letter initially. In your query letter, you may attach up to three but no more than five of your best works of art. If we feel your work would add something special to the Demons & Saints world, you can believe we will contact you via email with some more questions.


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