Core Rules

Fury of the Apocalypse....?

About The Game

Enter the deadly world of Demons & Saints where a savage battle between good and evil will rewrite the prophecies of Revelations and push mankind to the brink of annihilation.

Join secret factions, steal powerful relics, overthrow evil organizations, assassinate false prophets & priests, perform exorcisms, topple governments, unleash pestilence, and destroy all who stand in your way. Are you ready for an exciting adventure of fantasy and suspense??

The Game – Description

You and your friends create characters that thrust you into a secret world war between fallen angels with the future of mankind hanging in the balance. This includes seven factions divided into two powerful opposing forces. Each character’s path will tip the balance of the war toward good or evil as he or she battles against demons, monsters, undead, deadly magic, sinister organizations, demonic possession, satanic cults and so much more! Along the way each character will be forced to make moral, social, spiritual and even life and death decisions.

Philosophy of the Game

  1. Demons & Saints is a game that is enjoyed with friends.
  2. Since the game has so many beginnings and endings, players have plenty of ways to learn the rules and how to play.
  3. Many actions during game play will help in learning role playing skills.
  4. Players will develop better role playing skills the more they play.
  5. There are two roles within the game, a Demon or a Saint.
  6. Each player will give their character a personal belief system or a morality in which they view the world and live their life.

Game Creator

It is important to remember that imagination, creativity, and introducing unexpected events to the characters are the driving forces behind every great adventure. The best storylines unfold when the Game Creator can communicate clearly and effectively with the players. One way of achieving this goal is for the Game Creator to help the players feel or imagine their environment using Sense Descriptions.

Sense Descriptions

Specifically describes elements in the environment that affect the five senses, these include sight, sound, taste, feel, and smell. The more these are used by the Game Creator, the more powerful the experience for the players. (Example: Speaking to the players describing an event.)

Important for all participating:

  1. Learn the rules of the game and use them as much as possible.
  2. Never let the rules take away from your creativity or the potential enjoyment of the game for the players.
  3. Remember that the Game Creator is the final authority with complete power over everything that develops during the game.

Role-playing versus Non-Role-Playing

Role Playing consists of verbally yelling out to the group of players responding to an even and using hand movements and gestures. Non-Role-playing consists of the person saying “Everyone get out of the room and I fired my gun” with no other actions or words.

Structure of Play

Structure of play is a major part of the game and allows story telling interactions between the Game Creator and the players.

Gaming Dice

  1. d8 Dice is used to determine health points and damage during combat.
  2. d10 Dice is used to determine character stats
  3. d20 Dice is used to determine success or failure with skill use, combat and spell resistance

Target Scores

Target scores determines success or failure for any action attempted in the game. This includes all skill checks and physical attacks. The Game Creator simply decides the Target Score for players to reach.

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